|           D A T A           |
Always a Given'
ATTACHED_MALE_SEEKING_FEMALE (2) In relationship, seeking female
Always a Given'
Age/Gender: 38M
Would you? Could you? In a bar? Eat'em, eat'em here they are!
Height: 6'0"

|        C H A T L O G        |
Welcome to your therapy session.
Your therapist's name is Robonk.

Robonk:	How do you do.  Please tell me your problem.
you:	Would you? 
Robonk:	Oh, I?
you:	Could you? 
Robonk:	What are your feelings now?
you:	In a bar? 
Robonk:	Tell me more about that.
you:	Eat'em, eat'em, here they are!
Robonk:	Possibly they are .

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