|           D A T A           |

FEMALE_SEEKING_FEMALE (6) Female seeking female

Age/Gender: 38F
Open For U
Weight: 130lbs
Height: 5'8"

Looking for a special hour...moment...second...look no more...my tougue awaits U

|        C H A T L O G        |
Welcome to your therapy session.
Your therapist's name is Robonk.

Robonk:	How do you do.  Please tell me your problem.
human:	I'm open for you
Robonk:	Oh, I?
human:	I'm looking for a special hour...
Robonk:	How long have you been looking for a special hour?
human:	moment...
Robonk:	Please go on.
human:	second...
Robonk:	That is interesting. Please continue.
human:	look no more...
Robonk:	Are you saying no just to be negative?
human:	my tougue awaits you
Robonk:	Your tougue awaits me?

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