|           D A T A           |
ATTACHED_FEMALE_SEEKING_MALE (1) In relationship, seeking male

Age/Gender: 49F
Looking for excitement!!!!
Height: 5'8"
Never say never.  Anything is up for discussion.  I am a very strong minded person, know my limits and will draw the line when needed.  Not looking to change ANYONES situation just to add a little excitment to my world!!!

Someone who isn't afraid to ask for what they want, not beating around the bush!!!  Just get to the point.

Just a really friendly girl that loves to talk and chat with friends! Love to be with friends and always room for new ones. I am a very upfront person and looking for the same. Always be honest with me!!! We are both here for the same reasons...must be truthful about what you want. Looking for a quicky - not your girl.

|        C H A T L O G        |
Welcome to your therapy session.
Your therapist's name is Robonk.

Robonk:	How do you do.  Please tell me your problem.
you:	Looking for excitement!
Robonk:	Tell me more about that.
you:	Oh my god! Kissing!
Robonk:	Is it important to you that your god?
you:	Never say never.
Robonk:	Earlier you said your god.
you:	Anything is up for discussion.
Robonk:	Does talking about this bother you?

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